Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Crazy how quickly things happen when a decision has been made/agreed upon!

My daughter will be 4 at the end of April...after she was born, I remember telling my husband that we would have to move before we made it to baby we were in a 3-bdrm semi. Times continues to fly by, and before you know it... We are pregnant with #2. Again I say to him "We should move before he/she then we'll have no spare room, less room with 'big' kid and baby stuff...not to mention an 85-pound dog and us. And it would just suck to move with 2 kids in tow." Low and behold...Our son arrived and...we were still in the same house. C'est la vie!

Here we are...With a nearly 4-year-old, a 19-month old, 1 dog, 1 cat and 2 adults...still in the same 3-bdrm, single garage semi. For years I have wondered how the other families on our street do it...some with more people in the house! Seriously...! We have outgrown the house...again, still, even more...!

Well, a few months ago I put the bug in hubby's ear again...Time to move up and out...but this time, it's with more of a reason. Reegan can start school in the fall...She'll be my little JK'er...and I know that we FOR SURE cannot last another year plus in this house; Heck, we have lasted WAY longer than I thought we'd last. This past December marked 8 years - I definitely didn't think we'd be here for even 5 years!

But, with Reegan starting school...I want her to start school in the place where she will continue/complete her schooling. I don't want her to start JK and maybe or maybe not finish it at the same school due to us finally moving. Alas, hubby understood and agreed. (As favorable as my 'argument' was, I know it was just as much due to the most recent mortgage statement we had received - after all...He is an accountant and it is ALL about the numbers!)

So...a few weeks ago we decided it was time...Good time to start the process in time to hopefully be moved by the middle of summer. We interviewed 3 local real estate agents...liked all for different reasons, but really connected and liked the strategy of one. We 'hired' her and the hunt was on...My hours on MLS were with good reason now...not merely dreaming! Wednesday we 'hired' our agent, Friday we saw 2 properties, Saturday we saw 1 more property and 1 from the previous day again...Put an offer in on one but lost it to another offer, due to closing date. A big rush at the beginning, in the first couple days...and here we sit waiting for the right house to come on the market. Things seem to be slow right now...but hopefully once we pass March Break and with the (already here) warmer weather...hoping the houses start popping up!

Once we find that house, we'll jump on it...and once everything is finalized, we'll be selling our house. In the meantime, we have been working overtime finishing projects here and decluttering. After only 4 days of declutting and 1 floor done - We have thrown out 8 large bags and filled 12 bins to store until moving. Wow...! And with that...I am off to declutter/organize the linen closet.

Monday, February 20, 2012

An ode to my family...

Seeing as we're celebrating Family Day here in Ontario...What better day to gush about my family!?

Reegan...My fabulous 3 3/4 year old daughter - Thanks for making me laugh every day...for making me cringe at times when you say what's on your mind while we're out...for testing my patience each and every day!!!...for giving me a glimpse of what I was like (both looks and behaviours) when I was younger and showing me how great the mother/daughter bond is, on the other end.

Caleb...Happy 18 month birthday little man. Crazy how fast time flies, and how much you change - every month/week/day. Now we're watching you try to talk, test out new words...We've done the mom/dad long ago...Thanks to Christmas - "HoHo" was quite easy and frequent. Dog came soon after, thanks to our favourite canine Remy (we love you too Nico!!!)...Wall and door, as random as they are were relatively quick to come along. Now we've added 'meow and ruff', to talk to Remy and Jinx. Thanks for giving me reason to smile every day...showing me how special the bond between mother/son is...and for giving me the aggravation many times a day, when I wish you could "use your words".

Paul...My wonderful husband. Thank you for being you, for being a incredible father and a loving husband. Thank you for working so hard to take care of us, and surprise us every now and then. Thank you for being the best husband I could have chosen and a father I want R to look up to and C to aspire to be like. I will be ecstatic if R finds a man like you one day, and C turns into a father as fantastic as you, later in life.

Mom...We've been through a lot over the years - and have an unbreakable bond. Good times, bad times...happy and sad, we've seen them all. I have learned a lot from you, and now as a mother myself, I still learn from you. I love the relationship we had at the beginning, how it changed as I got older, and now from one mother to another...Thanks for being the best mother to learn from, and being the best Gia kids are super lucky to have you in their lives.

Dad...the smartest man ever, who has so much to teach those around him. His tough exterior is no match for his kind heart and the love he has for his family. If you're in his family/circle, he'll give you the shirt off his back, even if it's his last. He'll support his family in every way possible, and finds each opportunity to teach lessons to those around him. His dog is the greatest and can do no wrong ;-) -- Nico trumps everyone, and I'm okay with that!...because I see him turn to mush when there grand kids are over...The smile on his face and the sparkle in his eyes when they are around is all I need to see...

Nick...the best brother in town. Although our age difference is larger than most (10 years), we have made it work. We've gone through many stages...but now we're more equal than ever. You've grown into a great young man and I can't wait to see what you do next with yur life. I'm so excited to see where your life takes you and what you will accomplish. And I am so glad my kids have an amazing much fun to play with, and buys them awesome shoes!! Thanks for being you Nick :-)

Those are the greatest people in my life...who are forever in my corner and will help me always. I love my family,today and every day. To my friends, who are like my family in many ways....I love you too. I hope everyone has a great Fail Day, and has had a great weekend too.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Did I seriously just say that!?!?

There's never a dull moment around here...and if there is, it doesn't last long!!

Have you ever said something, and wished you could replay it, to see if that really just happened....Did I really just say that?!

I always say I should make a list of the funny/crazy etc... stuff my daughter (and soon my son, I'm sure!) says...and I think one day (soon) I will. But...We'll start with some weird things I find myself saying...some of them on a DAILY basis!!!

10/ "Please don't pull your brother around by the dog leash...Take the leash off of his shirt - Now!"

9/ "Do NOT climb the cupboards (fridge, front door...)."

8/ "...because we always wear underwear, especially under a dress."

7/ "You pull his tail, I pull your hair..."

6/ "Why would you lick, the deodorant?????"

5/ "Please don't eat your clothes..."

4/ "Wow, I hope Santa didn't see that..."

3/ "Can't we just 'make poopin' in the bathroom -- Why here?"

2/ "That channel isn't working right now; sorry, no _____ right now."

And the infamous line every parent vows they'll never say (yes I have said it...once!!!)

1/ "Because I said so, that's why!!!"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 12 Best Things About Motherhood

I am a Mom and I love it...There isn't anything better...Most days ;)
My kids are awesome, I spend my days with them and they fill my days with joy and laughter.

Here are my favourite things about being a Mom...This was intended to be a top 10 list, but grew a little!!

12/ Homemade gifts/ much better than a card bought from Hallmark, and there is nothing you can buy in a store that will mean as much.

11/ The now the perfect excuse to get out of the house. This is especially true when you have a wee one - but the mall is now a prime outing location...getting out of the house, picking up some needed items, getting baby out of the house and who knows - You just might find a great sale on an awesome pair of shoes while you're there!

10/ The ability to be a kid again...I can play Barbies, hairdresser, colour and build forts, with good reason. Hey,
it's expected and encouraged!!!

9/ Seeing the look of sheer happiness on their faces when you say "Yes" to something they're asking for and want so badly. This is when I generally hear "You're the BEST Mommy ever!!!"

8/ Hugs and cuddles...the best ones you'll ever receive...guaranteed. Hugs and cuddles from your kid(s) will make an bad mood good, erase (momentarily) the bad times from the day and they don't give hugs/cuddles nearly enough!

7/ Kids' movies...Disney/Pixar...They make some AWESOME movies - and kids are the perfect excuse to watch them!!!

6/ Humour...They say and do the funniest stuff at times...Even though at times it makes us parents want to crawl under a rock and hide!!!

5/ Naptime...With an almost 4-year-old, naptimes aren't too regular over here, but when those days come, they're awesome. Watching them sleep, catching a few winks with them (which could include cuddles!!!), or enjoying the peace and quiet/getting stuff done/watching my shows...Naptime is always a good time :-)

4/ Holidays...They mean something different, they're celebrated differently once kids are in the picture. You plan more, decorate lots, make crafts for each one...There truly is nothing like seeing a holiday through a childs' eyes.

3/ Watching them grow up, into little people -- and I'm not referring to those lovable Roloffs on TLC!!! You bring the, home, and are so excited to finally meet them...then they laugh, roll, sit, crawl, walk...they gain independence and personality. And they are their own person - so awesome to watch/experience.

2/ Pride...A two-fold idea here...the pride you see on their face when they learn something new, master a new talent...and simultaneously the pride you feel, right along with them.

1/ Hearing "I love you Mommy" / "You're the BEST mommy ever...!!!" - nothing warms my heart more.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I need it on a list

I love lists...I'm obsessed...I make lists...everyday - for everything. I love checking/striking things off my list. Sensing accomplishment at completing matter how small or mundane! I've been known (in my younger years, not so much these days!) to put 'shower' on my list. It's all about crossing it off...I am a crosser-offer, rather than a checker-offer!

Lists...seriously love them. They work for me, motivate me and encourage me to do things. I hate seeing a item on a list two days in a row...despise it. I make lists for my day (yes, each day is a new list), I have a list of the menu/meals for the upcoming week, lists for the grocery store (which is most definitely organized by section/in order), packing lists when going away...many reasons for a list!

Generally my daily list is comprised of: run/unload dishwasher, meals, grocery list etc... But, it's become apparent (obvious?!?!) that I need to put 'BLOG' on my list too. Cuz geez...I suck at this! I think I may have started it well, had the usual gusto behind something new and exciting... Not that it isn't still exciting cuz it is...but really...
Let's put it on a list, Thai!

There were some items on my list I was hoping to check off today...but dd is sick (fever) and we had some snow coming down throughout the day so it was quickly changed into a R&R day. Only a couple things got crossed off, but I had a great cuddle/snooze/watch dd sleep session!

Well, just wanted to pop in and say I haven't forgotten about you, dear blog...I'll have to start putting you on my 'list' to make sure you get looked after and taken care of. I'm off to get dinner ready... Dinner - Check!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year...

Hello...and Happy 2012!
  Wow...I am SO sorry for the lack of posting. Once I passed a couple non-blogging weeks - it was just left by the wayside. But don't worry - With the new year, I will make an effort to update more least weekly. I probably owe you more to make up for lost time but...we'll stick with a guaranteed weekly update ;)
  Back in early December, I was lucky enough to accompany a fabulous friend on an all-expense paid trip that she had won for her and 3 girlfriends. We were whisked away to a winery in Osoyoos BC (Okanagan Valley) pampered at the spa, drank lots of delicious wine and had some awesome girlie time together. And the bonus was surprising our beloved Brandi that week with the trip, whom we hadn't seen since the summer. Awesome...and I can now say that "I've been to BC"!
  So...The holidays have just passed....and I hope it was happy for everyone. We had lots of familiy time over here, and the holidays were made even more special with far-away family coming for Christmas. My aunt/uncle (also my godparents) and cousin came up from Vermont and it was great to see them as it had been 2.5 years since I had seen them. And they got to meet Caleb too!
  As usual, there was huge lead-up to Christmas....many hours/days spent decorating, baking, shopping etc... for the 'big' day to pass by in a snap. It was a bit derailed as Reegan got pink eye on the 23rd...We started treating it before it got bad and thought we were good to go for Christmas...but she woke up on the 25th and the other eye was now infected...we had to skip going to hubby's family's Christmas celebration as there would be 3 other kids there under 8 and we didn't want to infect anyone else. So we had a nice relaxed Christmas just the 4 of us, then crashed my parents house for gifts, dinner and dessert. Thankfully they had enough (too much!?!?) food! We ended up doing gifts with my in-laws on the 26th. C'est la vie.
  We're into the 2nd week of the 'break' school for Reegan, no 'class' for Caleb and the winter activities haven't yet started....Reegan has done a couple sleepovers at both set of Grandparents recently and may have one more planned if all goes well later this week.
  Both kids will start swimming lessons this Sunday, Caleb's 'class' at the EYC will begin again on Monday and Reegan will start her 2nd Karate session next Tuesday. Busy and out of trouble right!? Looking forward to some 'routine', tho we're enjoying PJ days...especially Caleb! I've been leaving him in his jammies ALL DAY recently, only dressing him to leave the house. Hubby comes home from work and calls him Hugh (Hefner)! Love lazy, lounging days tho!
  Well...Reegan is calling my name as Caleb plays instead of napping....I think the dog is tapping at the door too. I'm off to find INDOOR things for us to keep busy with today as it is seriously cold outside. Or as the paper put it this morning... "...can freeze flesh in minutes". Ya - We're definitely staying in today.

Stay warm...and I'll blog again soon...I promise!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scrapes, bruises and bumps - Oh my!!

I know they're inevitable -- but why must injuries happen so often? And at times, close together!!! It seems when one gets injured, so does the other. Or as soon as one is going away, it's time to get another one!

Seriously!!! Reegan has injuries constantly - mainly from not paying attention to where she's going/what she's doing and not leaving the cat alone. But...honestly, these facial injuries are just too much for me! They're visible...the first thing people notice...and someone always comments - and as the mother you can't help but wonder what they're thinking...of me, of my parenting; or perhaps lack thereof!

When little ones are learning to stand/walk/take those important first steps, they're going to tumble, but why must they always land face/forehead first? Sometimes (when you're lucky!) the red mark goes away as quickly as it came and no one is ever the wiser...but then they hit something good - and BAM - red mark, for what seems like eternity.

Reegan fell into a table while we were furniture shopping when she was 11 months old...4 hours in the ER and 5 stitches later, we were home. Thankfully it was right on/in the eyebrow so the scar is pretty hidden's there.

Over the last 3.5 clumsy beauty has shown her rough and rugged side more times than I like.
As if the stitches weren't bad enough, we've also had 'road rash' covering her forehead/cheek/nose and chin from trying to be like the bigger kids at daycare and swinging on her tummy...didn't end pretty!

She's run into things by not watching/looking where she's going...a wall here, doorknob there... She's fallen off the sofa more times than I can count...How hard is it to just sit on a sofa/chair? A clutz, through and through.

And with the addition of Jinx (cat) last May...because she can't leave him alone, keep her face/head out of his 'bubble', and keep quiet when petting him...she's gotten a few scratches, claw marks and bites. Just in the last 3 days there was a bite on her chin and a scratch on her temple... Oy vey. I need to find a place to lock the poor cat away from taunting Reegan!

Caleb, while younger and just starting at this 'fun' injury game... is no stranger to it either. We've had countless red marks and wee bumps when falling as he was learning to walk -- no big deal, to be expected. But his worst (yet) was a couple weeks ago on Halloween night...He slipped/fell/tripped and went face first into a chair at the craft table. A bump, mini scrape and BIG shiner. UGH! It was a shiner by the end of the evening and Tuesday when he woke up he looked like a mini boxer...with a bit of a swollen eye, red scrape on the eyelid and black eye. I honestly didn't want to leave the house...! I've learned that shiners take a while to go away, and they don't look any better as they're disappearing. If anything - they look worse! It fades which is great...but the blue/green/yellow combo really isn't any better than straight black/purple. Thankfully it's gone now...hopefully we don't have one of those for a long...LONG time!

I know kids will be kids...but I can't help but want to wrap them both in bubble wrap, put on their helmets and send them out. At least then, I won't worry so much!